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Calotion: A Cure for Leg Cramps

Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS NEWS RELEASE: August 4, 2013 CONTACT: or CALOTION: A CURE FOR LEG CRAMPS Leg cramps are a nightmare for 60% of adults, but not for users of “Calotion” skin lotion product of the Calcium Therapy Institute (CTI). This calcium/zinc/magnesium solution is one of the CTI products for dental care  [ more]

What are the ingredients?

Frequent Question: What are the ingredients in Calotion and CZ7 skin crème? Answer: Ingredients are calcium, zinc, traces of magnesium, water, and in crème a gel medium. We have never found any untoward sensitivities to any of the materials. It can be used as needed. Dr. Mark Manhart, DDS

Skin help for radiation therapy . . . we’ll see.

My daughter, Jane (Cosmotologist/Hairstylist), had a client who had treacherous skin eczema problems of the scalp and hair loss from radiation therapy, no one could help her at all, used the Calotion and in 3 days it was almost all healed. They were both stunned. Jane is now going to record and photo cases of  [ more]

Colotion gave immediate relief

Just had surgery to remove a Loop Monitor from the chest area by the collarbone. It was bandaged with clear tape over the suture then another adhesive to which I had a severe allergic reaction within the hour. Pain, itching then redness followed. Only the Calotion gave immediate relief. When the bandage is taken off  [ more]

Skin Crème as Toner & Sinus Help

At the session last week a lady said she uses the Crème as a toner for her skin under her makeup and it is wonderful. I use it that way every few months, without the makeup, and add a hot pad for a few minutes. WOW, does that knock out acne and regenerate the skin.  [ more]