What People Are Saying

Calotion: A Cure for Leg Cramps

Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS NEWS RELEASE: August 4, 2013 CONTACT: or CALOTION: A CURE FOR LEG CRAMPS Leg cramps are a nightmare for 60% of adults, but not for users of “Calotion” skin lotion product of the Calcium Therapy Institute (CTI). This calcium/zinc/magnesium solution is one of the CTI products for dental care  [ more]

What are the ingredients?

Frequent Question: What are the ingredients in Calotion and CZ7 skin crème? Answer: Ingredients are calcium, zinc, traces of magnesium, water, and in crème a gel medium. We have never found any untoward sensitivities to any of the materials. It can be used as needed. Dr. Mark Manhart, DDS

Colotion gave immediate relief

Just had surgery to remove a Loop Monitor from the chest area by the collarbone. It was bandaged with clear tape over the suture then another adhesive to which I had a severe allergic reaction within the hour. Pain, itching then redness followed. Only the Calotion gave immediate relief. When the bandage is taken off  [ more]

Skin Crème as Toner & Sinus Help

At the session last week a lady said she uses the Crème as a toner for her skin under her makeup and it is wonderful. I use it that way every few months, without the makeup, and add a hot pad for a few minutes. WOW, does that knock out acne and regenerate the skin.  [ more]

Surprise benefit – dark circle improvement!

Dr. Manhart – Do you want to hear something really cool? I’ve been using the Calotion like you said – just pouring it in my hands and patting it all around my face – including around my eyes. I’m very fair and have always had these dark circles under my eyes – and they are  [ more]