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Calotion: A Cure for Leg Cramps

Restless Leg Syndrome, RLS NEWS RELEASE: August 4, 2013 CONTACT: or CALOTION: A CURE FOR LEG CRAMPS Leg cramps are a nightmare for 60% of adults, but not for users of “Calotion” skin lotion product of the Calcium Therapy Institute (CTI). This calcium/zinc/magnesium solution is one of the CTI products for dental care  [ more]

What are the ingredients?

Frequent Question: What are the ingredients in Calotion and CZ7 skin crème? Answer: Ingredients are calcium, zinc, traces of magnesium, water, and in crème a gel medium. We have never found any untoward sensitivities to any of the materials. It can be used as needed. Dr. Mark Manhart, DDS

Very impressed with the products

Hello Dr Manhart – I have been using the calcium treatment for the past few weeks. I am very impressed by the products. My teeth feel clean and strong. I use the tooth brush 3 times a day and I use the Calotion daily. I will continue to use your products in the hopes of  [ more]

Cider vinegar counterproductive to calcium

Dr. Mark, I have been suffering from a dry skin condition that has not responded to your Calotion. However, it is responding great to my intake of apple cider vinegar. My question is this: Do you think I will suffer tooth degeneration from consuming the apple cider vinegar on a regular basis and will the  [ more]

Amazing results … at least when following the instructions

Dr. Mark – Remember I told you I didn’t follow your instructions exactly – and it wasn’t working like I thought it should? Well I finally realized I needed to do it EXACTLY like you said in the instructions. A few weeks ago I began using the Calotion first on the area I wanted to  [ more]